Bundaberg Rum Twin Pack 2 x 1.125L

Bundaberg Rum Twin Pack 2 x 1.125L
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Bundaberg Rum Twin Pack 2 x 1.125L
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Our hero product which goes by many a name: Liquid Gold, Cane Champagne, enjoyed the world over. Bundaberg Original UP Rum was the product that the Bundaberg Distilling company was built upon. First distilled in 1888, the product we drink today still faithfully follows the same time honoured process. Grown in the fertile local soil, the finest cane is sent to be milled at the Bundaberg Sugar Mill next door to the distillery. Rich, sweet molasses is produced, which is then fermented, double distilled, then sealed away to age in oak vats that to this day are still hand made by a family cooperage. Aged for a minimum of two years, it is then bottled at 37% ABV, in a trademark bottle that has changed little over the decades. This is based on the same design first introduced in 1961 by Sam McMahon, who introduced the trademark 'Brick', as well as introducing our mate Bundy R. Bear on the bottle. 37% Alc./Vol.

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